Rag Content Paper From Limited Papers

Rag content paper can vary in the percentage of fabric fibers. Most frequently, you'll find paper with approximately 25 percent fabric and 75 percent wood pulp. While this is superior to those products made with wood pulp alone, the higher the rag content, the higher the quality. At Limited Papers, you'll find exceptional cotton rag paper, including Strathmore cotton paper that has 100 percent rag content.

Pure Rag Content Paper Is Environmentally Sound

Often, mills that produce pure cotton paper use scraps left over from clothing manufacturers and textile mills, thus reducing the amount of waste that goes to landfills. However, there are even more environmental advantages to using pure cotton rag paper.

Since cotton is naturally pH neutral, 100-percent rag content paper is acid-free and of archival quality without any additional chemical treatment. The 100-percent Strathmore cotton paper, for instance, is Green-E certified and elemental chlorine free. It's also manufactured with wind power, showing the Strathmore commitment to ecological principles.

Strathmore pure rag content paper is available in a range of products, including square and Monarch envelopes. If you like, Limited Papers will custom cut your rag content paper order for you. For more information, call 800-797-7022 or send an email to sales@limitedpapers.com. You can fax orders to 718-499-5735, or, if you're in the New York area, visit our warehouse: 67 34th Street, 4th Floor, Brooklyn, N.Y., 11232.