Buy Specialty Paper Online

Jazz up your invitations, resumes, greeting cards and scrapbook pages when you buy specialty paper online from Limited Papers. At Limited Papers, we stock thousands of paper, envelope and label styles that are perfect for home or professional use.

Choosing a Paper Style

There are several things to think about when selecting a paper style for business or personal products.

  1. Thickness: Consider the function of the paper when you select its thickness. For example, if you're creating a brochure or direct mail piece, choose medium-weight cardstock. Paper that is too thick can clog up postal sorting machines, and paper that's overly thin is easily bent or torn.
  2. Design: You'll want to lend personal flair to each project, but make sure that your lettering is legible. Choosing a busy design can distract from the content. On the other hand, be creative. When you buy specialty paper online, opt for a design that suits your project's mood.
  3. Classic Color Paper: While most people choose white paper for their professional printing needs, you may wish to get creative with Curious color paper. The Curious Metallic and Iridescent collections offer hundreds of eye-catching choices for invitations, scrapbooking and art projects. When selecting classic color paper, don't forget that photos may take on an altered look.

Buy Specialty Paper Online

Supplier of Curious color paper and other fine products, Limited Papers has over two decades of experience providing customers with quality service at competitive prices. To buy specialty paper online, write or visit us at Limited Papers Inc., 67 34th St. (4th Fl.), Brooklyn, N.Y., 11232, call 800-797-7022 or fax 718-499-5735. You can also reach a sales representative at