Buy Rag Paper

Those who want the very best quality for their letterhead, resumes and other documents should buy rag paper. While most paper is made from wood pulp, rag paper contains fabric fibers, usually cotton. The paper can be made entirely from rag or have a percentage of rag mixed with wood pulp. Because fabric fibers are longer, they are stronger and can withstand more wear and tear. Cotton is also pH neutral, which makes the paper more archival. For these reasons, rag paper is commonly used for currency and bank documents.

Buy Rag Paper From Limited Papers for an Excellent Selection and Top Service

Limited Papers is your best source when you want to buy rag paper from top manufacturers. Atlas bond rag paper is a top seller. Those who prefer to use "green" products are especially fond of it, since all Atlas bond rag paper is made of 25 percent cotton and 30 percent post-consumer material.

Limited Papers also carries approximately 150 items of Strathmore cotton products, in a wide range of colors and finishes. Strathmore cotton products are a hallmark of this manufacturer, which has been making paper since 1892.

To buy rag paper from Limited Papers Inc., call us at 800-797-7022 or send a fax to 718-499-5735. You can also send an email to or stop by our warehouse at 67 34th Street, 4th Floor, Brooklyn, N.Y., 11232.