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While most papers are made from wood pulp, cotton rag paper, as the name implies, is made from fabric fibers, which are longer and stronger. Currency and bank documents, for instance, use cotton rag paper. When a dollar bill is well worn, you can feel the fabric-like texture. Cotton printing paper also takes impressions especially well. Watermarks, for instance, are created when the paper is still wet and malleable. A variety of finishes can be impressed on the paper with a roller, resulting in a linen, vellum, cockled or other texture. Cotton is also pH neutral, making cotton paper perfect for archival uses. These practical matters aside, cotton rag paper is best known for its elegance, which can be appreciated by both sight and touch.

Find Fox River Cotton Rag Paper

Fox River rag paper is a leading brand of cotton printing paper. Made of 25 percent cotton and 30 percent post-consumer recycled materials, it comes in a selection of subtle shades for business and social uses. For resumes, anything that veers too far from the standard in typeface or format is usually frowned upon, and garish colors should be avoided. A soft shade such as Warm White, however, with a laid or wove finish, allows your resume to stand out without shouting.

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